The Selfie Course

Our newest project is a six-week class (including syllabus and teaching exercises) for university students studying selfies.  The class was developed by the following group of academics:

Theresa Senft (New York University, USA)
Jill Walker Rettberg (University of Bergen, Norway)
Elizabeth Losh (University of California, San Diego, USA)
Kath Albury (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Radhika Gajjala (Bowling Green State University, USA),
Gaby David (EHESS, France)
Alice Marwick (Fordham University, USA)
Crystal Abidin (University of Western Australia, Australia)
Magda Olszanowski (Concordia University, Canada)
Fatima Aziz (EHESS, France)
Katie Warfield (Kwantien University College, Canada)
Negar Mottahedeh (Duke University, USA)

In September 2014, we will run the class online with a select group of international students.

The course includes: